Outdoor Living Trends for 2022

2022 Outdoor Living Trends will help homeowners make the most out of their outdoor living spaces.

Thanks in large part to the pandemic, outdoor living spaces have continued to gain popularity over the last year. As we continue to experience changes in our lifestyles, homeowners are seeking ways to improve their homes, including their outdoor living spaces. With countless benefits, including providing increased entertainment options and more livable space, outdoor living space remodels will continue to prevail in the year ahead.

Here are some of the top outdoor living trends expected in 2022.

Privacy and Protection
This outdoor living trend will have homeowners utilizing structures that combine privacy from neighbors with protection from the elements. Structures that provide cover, such as pergolas and screen enclosures, are the perfect way to provide shade, guard against bugs and mother nature, and add a layer of seclusion to any outdoor living space.

Full-Service Entertaining Spaces
From cooking and dining to entertaining and relaxing, homeowners want one space that can do it all. Outdoor kitchen and dining space combinations are perfect for homeowners who wish to extend their outdoor living spaces’ functionality. They can be fully customizable to meet anyone’s unique needs and style.

Technology is no longer just for the interior of a home. It can be incorporated into outdoor living spaces as well. The latest technology can seamlessly integrate outdoor living spaces with interior living spaces while also extending entertainment options. This outdoor living trend will have homeowners integrating wifi, televisions, music systems, and even advanced lighting packages into their outdoor living spaces.

Gathering Spaces
Gathering spaces is one of the most popular outdoor living space trends that is here to stay. Outdoor fireplaces and firepits make the perfect spot for family and friends to gather, especially on cool North Florida nights.

Are you ready to embrace the latest outdoor living trends and upgrade your outdoor living space in the coming year? Our team of experts at CSS Fireplaces & Outdoor Living can help. Since 2007, we have built a reputation for quality serving Jacksonville and Ormond Beach. We offer indoor and outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, custom outdoor kitchens, pergolas, grills, and many other products for your home and outdoor living space. Contact us to find out how we can help you create the outdoor living space of your dreams.

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