Outdoor Fireplace Maintenance Tips

Outdoor fireplace maintenance is key to keeping your fireplace functioning properly.

From expanding your outdoor living space to providing a cozy gathering space, adding an outdoor fireplace has countless advantages; however, just like any other part of your home, it requires regular maintenance. Proper maintenance will ensure your outdoor fireplace is both beautiful and functional for years to come.

Here are some outdoor fireplace maintenance tips to help you keep your fireplace operational and safe. 

General Outdoor Fireplace Maintenance Tips

  • Have your outdoor fireplace inspected at least once a year, twice if you use it frequently and year-round.
  • Always consult the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions to ensure proper care of your specific outdoor fireplace. This can also help you avoid accidentally voiding the warranty if you have one.
  • Do not let plants or grass grow on or around your outdoor fireplace, as they can damage its integrity.
  • Do not let debris such as leaves, sticks, spider webs, or water build up in your outdoor fireplace. Consistently remove any debris in the fireplace, and consider adding doors to keep it covered and debris-free.

Outdoor Fireplace Maintenance Tips for Wood-Brining Fireplaces

  • Only burn safe materials in your outdoor fireplace. Choose a hardwood to burn, as softwoods more easily retain moisture, creating smoke and sparks when burned.
  • Remove all old ashes and coal before starting your fire. A small shovel is often the best tool to do complete this task.
  • Manage creosote buildup by using creosote-sweeping logs.
  • Use a broom to sweep out any debris.
  • Use a brush and warm, soapy water to thoroughly clean the inside and outside of your outdoor fireplace.
  • Seek the help of a professional to clean your chimney and flue.

Outdoor Fireplace Maintenance Tips for Gas Fireplaces

  • Always turn off the gas before completing any maintenance on your gas fireplace.
  • Have a professional inspect your ventilation system regularly.
  • Once a month, clean your fake logs with a brush to remove soot.
  • Clean the components of your fireplace, such as burners, with a soft cloth. Be sure to refer to the manual for specific instructions.
  • Turn the pilot light off during times when your outdoor fireplace is not in regular use.

Adding an Outdoor Fireplace to your Outdoor Living Space
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