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Guests will be jealous when tasting your next meal. Thanks to the wide variety of grills from CSS Fireplaces & Outdoor Living in Jacksonville FL and Ormond Beach FL. Whether you want to quickly cook up some hamburgers on a gas grill or take your time and relax in the yard while slow-cooking a pork loin on a charcoal grill, we can meet your needs. Choose from one of our many outdoor grills or ask about our custom grills. We are certain your next meal will be full of flavor and a joy to prepare.

Kamado Joe

Take one look at all the features of a Kamado Joe, and you’ll quickly understand why you need one of these outdoor grills on your patio. With 18 inches of grilling surface, locking wheels, finished bamboo folding side shelves, a sturdy cart and more, this ceramic charcoal grill is perfect for the next family meal or entertaining friends. The Divide & Conquer Flexible Cooking System lets you grill, sear or smoke your meat to perfection. If you want juicier meat with a gourmet wood-fired flavor, come to see us about putting a Kamado Joe in your yard.

DCS Grills and Accessories

DCS outdoor grills and accessories are the perfect way to help build the backyard kitchen you’ve always dreamed of. Sear your food on the entire surface of a DCS grill, thanks to its Ceramic Radiant Technology. Want to grill rotisserie-style? The DCS rotisserie holds up to 50 pounds and has its own dedicated infrared burner. Add some flavor to that meal by using wood chips or herbs in the smoker tray, with its own burner. Let us help you choose from the DCS line of outdoor grills and accessories, and you’ll never want to cook inside again.

Blaze Grills and Accessories

Enjoy all of the elegance of stainless steel with the amazing performance Blaze outdoor grills are known for. Whether you prefer a charcoal grill or a gas grill, Blaze has what you need. The Blaze line of accessories will help you grill like a professional with rotisserie kits, infrared searing burners, smoking boxes, covers and more. Do you need a stand-alone grill for your patio or one to incorporate into your outdoor kitchen? Either way, we can help you select the perfect American-made Blaze product.

Saffire Ceramic Grills

Light up your charcoal and grill to perfection with one of Saffire’s ceramic outdoor grills. Add just the right amount of smoky flavor to your barbecue with the built-in Saffire Smokin’ Chip Feeder. From the cart to the hinges to the cooking surface, all hardware is built to last with the strongest material and designs. Thanks to its built-in access door, Saffire makes it easy to get to charcoal without having to remove the grilling surface. The grills are designed so that they can be attached to a rolling cart or inset into a countertop in your outdoor kitchen.

Evo Grills

Newly designed and built in America, Evo grills are perfect for residential and commercial use. If you’re looking for a versatile grill as a portable tabletop grill to carry anywhere you go or a grill to wheel around your deck, then this grill is ideal for everyone. Do you want a built-in cooktop for outdoor or indoor kitchens? Choose the Evo and impress your guests with this circular flattop appliance that’s available in gas or electric. Cooking for 2 or 10 people has never been easier with the oil seasoned and non-stick grill. It allows you to prepare seared steaks for dinner or fluffy pancakes for breakfast and is large enough to cook multiple dishes at a time; all with fast and easy clean-up! Entertaining family and friends with the Evo grill will be a pleasure each and every time!

For outdoor kitchen grills or built-in grills, you can’t go wrong with choosing one of many styles from CSS Fireplaces & Outdoor Living in Jacksonville FL and Ormond Beach FL !

Find the perfect outdoor grills and accessories at CSS Fireplaces & Outdoor Living in Jacksonville FL and Ormond Beach FL. Call our Jacksonville FL location at  904-389-2700 or Ormond Beach FL at 386-463-2700!

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