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Custom fireplaces can create a unique, breathtaking focal point for any room. Our experts here at CSS Fireplaces & Outdoor Living in Jacksonville FL and Ormond Beach FL can help you create a one-of-a-kind hearth project. Visit us at our showroom to see some of the great options available to you and then let’s start designing. From a sleek, contemporary look to something more traditional, we will help you create perfect custom fireplaces for your space. Add ambiance to your living space with quality fireplaces from CSS Fireplaces & Outdoor Living in Jacksonville FL and Ormond Beach FL. Call a location near you to get started!

Great custom fireplaces- brands for your home

Ortal Fireplaces – Ortal has a wide selection of beautiful gas fireplaces that can fit any space. Front facing fireplaces are ideal for being integrated into walls and other architectural features. Ortal corner fireplaces are flexible solutions that can be integrated into any architectural design. Get extra creative with Ortal’s built-in 3-sided fireplaces that show the beauty of a fire from multiple viewpoints. Add a dramatic element to walls or columns with a tunnel fireplace from Ortal. Separate living spaces with a Space Creator fireplace. There are also beautiful stand-alone options from which to choose. All Ortal custom fireplaces are available in either propane or natural gas.

Montigo Fireplaces – Create a contemporary, modern space with your custom fireplace by Montigo Fireplaces. Montigo has worked with designers and architects over many years to bring you the largest choice of linear designed fireplaces. These expertly crafted pieces are demanded by homeowners, architects, and designers. With decades of excellence in manufacturing and a drive to lead the revolution in fireplaces, Montigo works to create the ideal fireplace that is customized to fit both your space and your style.

DaVinci Fireplaces – Find stunning linear, modular design fireplaces with DaVinci Custom Fireplaces. These fireplaces are segmented by feet and can be custom designed to see-thru, single-sided, 4-sided, or corner unit fireplaces. The glass always stays cool to the touch with their hi-tech air flow system. DaVinci combines contemporary design and fire to create the ideal fireplace for your home.

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Custom fireplaces are the perfect way to create a dramatic design element to any space in your home.
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