How to Choose the Right Outdoor Fireplace

Outdoor fireplaces come in many varieties to create the perfect addition to any outdoor living space. 

Now that fall is finally here in Jacksonville and Ormond Beach, our evenings have begun to get a bit chiller. Just because the warm nights of summer are behind us doesn’t mean we have to relocate indoors until winter passes. With the warmth of a glowing fire, an outdoor fireplace provides unlimited nights of entertaining in your outdoor living space.

From gas and wood to stone and steel, there are countless options for outdoor fireplaces from which to choose. Are you ready to add an outdoor fireplace but not quite sure how to choose one? We’ve got you covered. Here are a few questions to ask yourself to help you choose the right outdoor fireplace for your outdoor living space.

What is the primary purpose of your outdoor fireplace?
Will it be functional or decorative? If you want it to be functional vs. decorative, will you use it more for warmth or cooking? If you will use it for heat, how many people will typically gather around it? Your answer to these questions will help give you a better idea of the size, style, and type of outdoor fireplace that best suits your needs.

Where will your outdoor fireplace be located?
When deciding upon the location of your outdoor fireplace, you should consider functionality and safety. You will want your outdoor fireplace to be located in an area that compliments how you use your outdoor living space; however, Homeowners Associations (HOAs), cities, and counties may have restrictions that could influence its location. Knowing how these regulations affect the operations of your outdoor fireplace will also help you determine the best type for your outdoor living space. A trusted construction partner, like CSS Fireplaces & Outdoor Living, can help you balance your wishes with the necessary safety requirements.

What type of fuel do you prefer?
Outdoor fireplaces can be wood-burning, gas, or electric. Historically, wood-burning fireplaces have been the most popular; however, all three types have their advantages. Wood-burning fireplaces provide an ambiance, complete with smells and sounds that are often hard to pass up. Gas and electric outdoor fireplaces, on the other hand, are easier to control and require less cleanup. Knowing your preference for your outdoor fireplace’s fuel will help you further narrow down your options.

What is your outdoor living space’s style?
While typical materials for outdoor fireplaces include stone, brick, and steel, the options these materials come in are seemingly endless. The best way to narrow down your choices is to decide upon the overall aesthetic of your outdoor living space. Modern or traditional? One type of material or mixed? Single color or variations? If you don’t already have a style preference, browse examples for inspiration.

Are you ready to begin your outdoor fireplace selection? CSS Fireplaces & Outdoor Living is here to help! We design and construct each outdoor fireplace project to meet our client’s unique needs. If you’re looking to add a modern feel or a touch of elegance to your outdoor living space, contact our team today.

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