Corner Fireplace Ideas

A corner fireplace can provide all the benefits of a traditional fireplace while taking up significantly less space. Read on to discover tips on how to incorporate one into your home. 

Corner Fireplace Locations
The good news is that you can place a corner fireplace in virtually any room of your house, including a living room, bedroom, or den. If you have an empty corner in your home, chances are you can install a fireplace in it.

Corner Fireplace Types
When most people think about corner fireplaces, one of two types pops into their minds—either two-sided or angled.

  • Two-sided fireplaces are typically rectangular and have two open/exposed sides. These fireplaces are installed in 90-degree corners and allow you to enjoy your fire from multiple angles or even multiple rooms.
  • Angled fireplaces are framed into a corner of a wall at 45 degrees. While they only have one open/exposed side, they come in more varieties than two-sided fireplaces.

Corner Fireplace Fuel
Depending on the type of fireplace you select, you will have a variety of fuel sources from which to choose. The primary fuel sources for all fireplaces include gas, wood, and electricity. Each fuel source has pros and cons. Wood burning fireplaces provide a traditional experience with sounds and smells but require more maintenance; gas fireplaces are excellent sources of stable heat; and electric fireplaces are versatile and require minimal maintenance.

When selecting your fuel source, you should first consider your intended use (heat, style, ambiance, etc.) and if you can meet the necessary requirements for ventilation and clearance. A professional, like CSS Fireplaces & Outdoor Living, can help you make the best decision that takes into consideration your wants, your space, and your budget.

Corner Fireplace Styles
Once you select your location, type of fireplace, and fuel source, your fireplace’s style is only limited by your imagination. From brick to stone and rustic to modern, the style options for your fireplace are endless.

If you are ready to turn your corner fireplace ideas into a reality, contact CSS Fireplaces & Outdoor Living or drop by one of our showrooms conveniently located in Jacksonville and Ormond Beach. Our team of professionals is ready to help you choose the right fireplace for your unique needs. We offer a wide array of top-quality wood, gas, and electric fireplaces that will add elegance and warmth to your favorite place in your home. For more fireplace inspiration, check out our fireplace photo gallery.

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