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about us construction solutions jacksonville fl css fireplaces and outdoor living ormond beach fl 1Construction Solutions & Supply is offering free estimates on fireplaces, outdoor living designs, gas logs, and much more to our community during the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) crisis. We will remain open to service the Jacksonville FL area homes and families who need us. Our certified team is working to ensure the safest procedures are in place and being held as the new standard in our company. We follow the guidelines on the latest safe distancing and health precautions as recommended in the official COVID-19 Response. For example- Hand Washing, Social Distancing, Avoiding Meetings with 10 or more, Avoiding any unnecessary interaction with others.

zipwall dust barrierFor additional safety measures, Construction Solutions has the capability to build a temporary wall to provide a separate work area from living quarters; no ladders, no tape, no damage.  The ZipWall® Dust Barrier System is a comprehensive dust barrier solution for construction, remodeling, and renovation and will keep customers virus and dust-free.

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Whether you’re looking for a custom indoor fireplace or gas logs to give your living or workspace the ambiance needed, now is the perfect time to get started!  Many homeowners and businesses are working remotely and are more readily available for residential or commercial upgrades.  Submit images and ideas to us for a FREE estimate today!

It’s spring and it’s beautiful so why not splurge and extend your living space into the great outdoors? Enjoy life more while you’re working from home and even when the coronavirus subsides.  More than that, you can keep your interior living space clean just by gathering with family outside. Today’s outdoor living space have their own family of products rated for outdoor use, such as under-counter refrigerators, cabinets made of durable materials that will not rust or fade when exposed to the elements, sinks that make food prep and cleanup simple, built-in grills, outdoor fireplaces, and more.

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Prescott Outdoor Fireplace
Imagine making the moments count on a pleasant evening! Light some lanterns. Pour some wine. Enjoy the experience with your loved ones in your new backyard oasis. Cozy and enjoyable for all your family gatherings no matter what time of year it is.

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Construction Solutions will send you a FREE outdoor living design estimate for outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, gas logs, and more! From simple basic outdoor living designs to large complex projects; we can do it all. So, let us build your outdoor living space or fireplace. We are here to work for you so let us turn your visualizations into reality.

Provide four or five pictures, a brief description, and a sketch of your dream outdoor living space or fireplace and we’ll send you a FREE estimate.

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